Nano Satellite by IIT-Kanpur


Nano satellite by IIT-Kanpur
Nano satellite by IIT-Kanpur
A nano satellite named as “Jugnu”, designed by IIT-Kanpur, has been launched on Oct 12. This marks a watershed in Indian space technology for miniaturisation and an indigenously designed ejection system that ends dependence on imports.

IIT-Kanpur designed Jugnu’s ejection system, a complex piece of technology that makes space missions possible by separating the satellite from the launch vehicle and placing it in a precise orbit. The mechanism went through dozens of rigorous tests before certification by the Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre as spaceworthy. IIT-Kanpur will be filing a patent through ISRO before dedicating it to the nation.

Jugnu, placed into orbit by the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle C18 ( PSLV-C18) of the Indian Space Research Organsation (ISRO), miniaturises communication capabilities, power source and a control system, comprising the basic functions of a much bigger satellite, into a foot-long package just four inches in height and width, weighing only three kilograms.

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