Slice Brings Tracking Service to Inbox


The startup Slice has launched its apps to help you organize your online shopping by analyzing your inbox. In May, the company released its Yahoo app and now GMail app. It organizes your purchases and tracks receipts and notices.

The app starts aggregating automatically when you signup and pulls information from the electronic receipts in your inbox and organizes it in one place. The company claims that the app consolidates our shopping history in one place so you don’t have to log into multiple websites or dig through receipts.

“Today’s online shoppers are provided with every convenience imaginable, but once they complete checkout, the post-purchase phase of the shopping process can be messy,” said Slice CEO Scott Brady. “As we move further into an era of brick-and-mortar stores offering customers electronic receipts for their in-store purchases, the time is right to organize purchases in a better way so we can actually make use of the information. Whether you’re dealing with tracking, price adjustments, returns, reorders or any number of other post-purchase activities, Slice simply makes all of that easier.”

Based in Palo Alto, CA, Slice is privately held with funding from DCM, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Michael Birch, FLOODGATE, Innovation Endeavors (Eric Schmidt), and Rick Thompson. For more information, visit

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