Bharti Airtel Launches 24×7 Emergency Alert Service for Customers


India's telecom major Bharti Airtel
India’s telecom major Bharti Airtel
India’s telecom major Bharti Airtel has launched a 24×7 ‘Emergency Alert Service’ enabling its customers to send alert message (along with their current geographical location details) during an emergency, to 10 mobile numbers (pre defined by the customer) in just a single call, facilitating an access to easy and quick help.

To activate the service, customers can give a call to 55100 and follow the menu options. Customers will be charged Rs. 30 for 30 days. However, if there is not enough balance then one will be charged Rs.10/- for 10 days and least Rs.1.5/- for 1 day. Next one can add the 10 mobile numbers he/she wishes to by messaging START , …. upto 10 numbers.

If one intends to send an emergency alert to family or friends (whose numbers were added to the predefined group), then one can give a call to 55100 and they will be informed by a voice and SMS alerts with the customers locational information. This alert can also be sent through an SMS during an emergency, when one is unable to talk. For this one can simply type HELP and send it to 55100.

Similarly if one wants to notify his/her family about his/her wellbeing then he/she can send a simple SMS by typing SMS SAFE to 55100.

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