Bharti Airtel Unveils ‘Call-Me-Back’ Service for Prepaid Subscribers


India's telecom major Bharti Airtel
India’s telecom major Bharti Airtel
To allow its users to stay connected with their family and friends even when they run out of balance, India’s telecom major Bharti Airtel, in partnership mCarbon (a Value Added Service provider), has unveiled ‘Call-me-Back’ service for its prepaid subscribers.

The service enables users to send an emergency call me back SMS to other Airtel customers and get a call back from them, when their balance is below Rs.1.

To use this service the user only needs to send a toll-free SMS with the word CALL to 121. For example ‘Person A’ having balance less than Re.1 can send a toll-free SMS to 121 writing CALL < Person B airtel number >, and the ‘Person B’ will get an SMS from number of ‘Person A’ saying : “Please call me back. Thank You.”

There is no charge to ‘Person A’ for this service, and the call-back by ‘Person B’ is charged as per his/her plan rate. The customer who is calling back can be a prepaid or a postpaid user. Also, both the customers can be a local, STD number, or be in national roaming.

This service can be used upto 3 times in a day.

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