Mobile Learning Apps for Cambridge English exams Launched

Cambridge English Language Assessment (part of the University of Cambridge) through their exams partner, Concepts Edu has launched mobile/online learning apps for the TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test) and the Linguaskill exams on their Flinnt technology platform.

TKT is a flexible series of modular teaching qualifications which test one’s knowledge in specific areas of English language teaching. It is ideal for all teachers who want to prove their teaching knowledge with an internationally recognised certificate. Linguaskill is the new, affordable online test from Cambridge English. It provides a true picture of English reading and listening skills – delivered instantly and conveniently. Institutions can choose Linguaskil to ensure that their students meet course exit requirements while Corporate organisations can assess their job applicants quickly and fairly or measure the outcomes of their training programmes.

Institutions can register their candidates for these exams online through and and once registered, the candidates receive the respective learning apps free. These apps can be accessed both through PC online or through mobile devices.

Talking about this, Guy Nicholson, Director of Operations – Cambridge English Language Assessment said, “We are moving to new modes of teaching and learning all the time. The learning apps for Linguaskill and TKT exams reflect this constant shift, as the candidates, whether they are teachers for TKT, or students for Linguaskill, will benefit greatly as these tests are flexible and deliver a very approachable exam experience.”

Cambridge English Language Assessment is part of the University of Cambridge. They develop and produce the most valuable range of qualifications for learners and teachers of English in the world. Flinnt is a free social learning platform where learners can join courses provided by institutions and experts.