Plan Your Day Starting from a Healthy and Nutritious Breakfast!


How would you like to execute all your tasks which are supposed to be done every day? Once you take the right steps in this regard, you can achieve that easily.  Accomplishing all your tasks for the day will help you to have a great day and would bring you closer to the ultimate goal you have set for, and gives you much-needed satisfaction.

Create your routine

  1. List out the tasks to be done for the day
  2. Set your alarm clock 30 minutes earlier so that you have time for brushing, work out and for a healthy breakfast
  3. Fill your breakfast menu with wholesome ingredients.  

When you’re searching for a healthy and nutritious breakfast every day, it should be a mix of protein, high-quality whole grain, fruits and vegetables. Once you have a healthy and nutritious breakfast in the morning, you can realize how much energy and productivity you relish that day. So a healthy breakfast is very important.

Sticking to this breakfast schedule will provide your body with the required vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to start your day right. You can also add a small amount of fat in the form of safflower oil, olive oil, nuts and butter to help your body absorb vitamins and minerals.

Imagine real and fresh foods such as:

  1. You can have scrambled or boiled eggs
  2. Vegetables such as spinach or tomatoes are ideal
  3. Yogurt with probiotics can improve your immune system
  4. Whole-wheat pancakes with steel-cut oats and ground flax  can boost the nutrition
  5. There could be nut milk, fresh apple juice or a combined mixture of the two.

Breakfast is a very important meal. It gives an opportunity to celebrate the arrival of a new day. When you start your day off eating a good, healthy breakfast, the rest of your food choices throughout the day are likely to be health-inspired.

The solution is to create a schedule and a calendar to remind of what has to be done each day.

Is there any tool that can help me in managing and reminding me of my activities for a day? Yes, you can use the to-do list feature of Time Captis to keep track of your to-dos.

First, you list out the important things you have to do for the day. You can list out those things by using the web app or the mobile apps for Time Captis.

Time Captis helps you to manage your To-Dos, Tasks and Calendar with its web-based and mobile apps on Android and iOS.

Now , you follow the below mentioned things:

  1. List out the tasks to be done for the day.
  2. Specify time for each task
  3. Strictly follow the schedule
  4. Give importance to the tasks that produce quality result

For the above things you need a Calendar to schedule everything. The Calendar feature of Time Captis allows you to reserve specified-time for specific tasks, so that you won’t be distracted and would rather solely focus on the items at hand.  Otherwise, you may land up diverting your time unnecessarily on social media, notifications and emails. Creating and managing to-do lists with Time Captis is easy.

When you’re starting on your day-to-day schedule, you should first go for the most important tasks or the ones requiring immediate attention. Next, go for the ones which you find to be tough or hard. If they’re hard to manage at one go, break it down in the form of smaller tasks. Then, you may proceed for easier task or the things that can be managed in a short-time period.

While accomplishing the tasks, you should keep a close watch on the amount of time that has been allocated. It will keep you reminding about the things yet to be done. While working on your schedule, try not to be stressed and be flexible.

Once you go by the above things, it will definitely help you in achieving optimum productivity.

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