Security on the Cloud: Myths and Realities!


As we see the rapid adoption of cloud computing technology these days, subsequently some amount of exaggeration, myths and misconceptions also follow that. Cloud computing is one such technology where everyone has his or her share of opinion and analysis. But when you’re deploying the cloud infrastructure for your business or organization, you must be absolutely sure of myths and realities of cloud security, so that, you will be better placed to take advantage of the features of cloud.

Many believe that it is easy to steal information that is remotely hosted. In case of cloud computing-information, the common misconception grips many that it is accessible through the Internet and is susceptible to being compromised by virtue of being associated with remote accessibility. In actual case, information management by a reliable firm is typically more secure than many in-house implementations. 

Top Cloud Security Myths

  • The cloud is inherently insecure.
  • The cloud is more vulnerable to breaches.
  • To make my data more secure, it will be critical for me to have more physical control.
  • Maintenance of security in cloud is complex and different.
  • All my current security tools can be used easily in the cloud.
  • The Cloud is more expensive.

Top Cloud Security Realities

  • Cloud computing  has the ability to scale, innovate and bring products to market faster, in addition to cost-savings
  • There’s more than one cloud-Public, Private and Hybrid. Hybrid cloud strategies are rapidly growing compared to public and private.
  • The cloud is a tool which requires people with strong IT skills to plan, implement and monitor. It doesn’t take away IT jobs.
  • Moving to the cloud requires an ability to address a host of considerations—data migration, the business-specific capabilities of solutions, change management, governance, systems integration, security and other things.

Every business has unique needs and it’s hard to meet all of them by cloud. But to get the best out of the cloud computing services, you have to separate the myths and realities related to cloud computing. Choosing the right cloud service provider is one of the most important decisions your business has to make. Every business owner should know about the real security issues surrounding cloud computing.

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