Remote Work Will Increasingly Be The Norm For Freelancers


For the last few weeks, freelancers are facing a particularly dry season because of the pandemic and its effects on the global economy. This pandemic has created the largest financial crisis that freelancers have encountered in modern history. We don’t know what to expect over the coming months. The way we live and work looks very different than it did just a few weeks ago. For you, and for freelancers who were working like crazy before the crisis, this moment gives an opportunity to go beyond reacting to the current situation to building a more equitable work environment for themselves. 

Do this one thing to adjust your hustle in this unexpected downtime. Check-in with yourself about what needs attention if you’re not so focused on client work right now. Tend to the nuts and bolts of your freelance business. Check-in on how you’re presenting and approaching your work. Level up your website. Refresh your bio. Remote work, and the talented freelancers who work remotely, will increasingly be the norm as businesses are rapidly adopting more flexible, remote work models. We expect them to be more open-minded to working with remote, independent freelancers than ever before.

Brainstorm about what you need now and how you can upgrade to a remote work environment. Keep track of our upcoming blog post for the ultimate remote work tools that provide smooth video conference experience from home, powerful screen sharing, chat, online meeting, notes, calendar and time tracking tool. In the future, our experiences during the pandemic will inform new ways of being and of doing business.

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