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Considerations for Technology Upgrade


My last article was about the changing nature of jobs in the last two decades. We concluded with identification of three important phenomena that influenced everyone in this game. Here, we discuss about the first phenomenon – the factors influencing businesses in making technology decisions, expectations of people involved, and an evaluation of likely situations seen across the market today.

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Challenges for Technology Consumers


When it comes to technology business, there are two broad classes: technology consumers and technology producers, irrespective of the industry they belong to. The first class consists of all those who use IT products and services for their business. They can be banks, financial service providers, telecom service providers, insurance companies, pharmaceuticals, health-care providers, education industry, retail, or practically every other industry except technology. Their IT usage ranges from a simple Point-Of-Sale (POS) on any retail counter to a full-fledged infrastructure comprising of front-end devices like desktops and mobile devices backed by a powerful data center. IT may be one of their main assets that can help them streamline their business, but it is certainly not their core business. On the other hand, IT product companies and manufacturers of communication equipment are ‘technology producers’ who pioneer and spearhead the progress of technology industry. They are the giants like Microsoft, Google, Apple or Oracle. Even IT Services providers like IBM, Accenture or TCS can be clubbed into this group because technology development or services form the core of their business. Just like any other industry, ‘technology consumers’ keep the technology industry alive by providing repeated challenges and business to the ‘technology producers’.

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